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About me

I guess Yoga has been part of my life since I became what I would consider a “proper functioning adult”. Throughout most of my teenage years and young adult phase, it was something I was aware of, but it all seemed a bit beyond reach, and certainly not something to interfere with my social life.

That all changed when I moved to Australia in 2004. Suddenly I had to grow up, fend for myself, and get by in a world that if I am honest, made me anxious… and that’s what led me to Yoga. My husband (then boyfriend) was just getting into it, to aid in flexibility for Surfing, and I thought it could be a good thing for me too.… wow.... was it ever! Between a fast paced career with long hours as an Events Manager, and the constant “fun” of living in Sydney, Yoga became my breathing space…. And with the arrival of two little boys while living overseas, I dived into Yoga in a big way. It was a sanctuary.

Fast forward to now, and our little crew of 4 has been back in the UK and based on the Island since 2013 (the call of being closer to our extended family drew us back), and Yoga has become an even bigger part of my life. After countless classes, numerous retreats and workshops I decided to take the plunge and go all in to really deepen my knowledge of yoga. This culminated in completing the Yoga Alliance accredited Hatha Teacher Training Program with my friend and teacher, Carol Macartney. This was an incredible experience and we focused on not just the physical side, but also Pranayama and meditation

Since completing the training, my own style of teaching and " Ems Yoga" has emerged. For me, it is all about making it accessible to all. Whether you are complete beginner wanting to learn the foundations, or someone with more experience that wants to be challenged to build strength and flexibility. All in all, it’s about keeping it real. There is already enough judgement and smoke and mirrors out there. Let’s just be present and do what our bodies need.

Keep moving. Keep Breathing. Keep it Real.

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